Cement Retainers & Squeezes
When it comes to cementing squeezes, you need cement retainers you can trust. Our cement retainers stand out ensuring that jobs are executed perfectly. Featuring a double bonded seal on the retainer valve, they promise an enhanced seal on neutral. This design lets you perform more functions with the valve, all while significantly reducing the risk of leaks.
But it's not just about top-notch tools; it's about expertise. We specialize in a range of cement squeezes, including the complex hesitation squeezes. These often require multiple functions of the retainer valve, especially when well bore pressure is absent, preventing cement from being inadvertently emptied from the tubing while attempting to get it to begin to set.
So, when it comes to cement retainers and the precision they demand, count on us. We bring together top-tier tools and unparalleled expertise to deliver results every time.