Ensure a Smooth Fracking Operations with a Confirmation Run
Confirmation Run
Before a big frac operation you want to be sure there are no wellbore obstructions that will delay or inturrupt the operation. That's where a confirmation runs come in. Think of it as cheap insurance, as once the fac has begun any delays can be accumulate large standby costs. We run a mud motor and mill to bottom to clean out and cement left in the wellbore and ensure there are no tightspots that would stop tools from reaching bottom or prevent the toe port from opening.
Our mills are specificly designed with an Extra Long Body to prevent hanging up in the sleeve or accidentily shifting them during the run.
With our Deep Reach Extended Reach Tools, we have successfully cleaned out to dpeths of upto 6,500m without issue. As an additional benefit, a confirmation run allows you to leave friction reducing gel along the horizontal section of your wellbore to help get frac tools to bottom.