Test Packers
Aeroset AS1-X Test Packer
In the abandonment process, identifying leaks accurately and promptly is crucial. That's where our test packers come into play. Designed to isolate sections of the wellbore, they allow our skilled team to pinpoint exactly where casing leaks are occurring.
But our commitment to efficiency doesn't stop there. Recognizing the challenges posed by wells that can't sustain a fluid column and the associated pressure differentials, we offer supplementary tools like unloaders. These ingenious devices equalize the tubing and casing pressures before the packer unsets. The result? A smoother unset process with reduced differential pressure across the packer elements. Not only does this facilitate easier operations, but it also extends the lifespan of the elements, ensuring you get more out of every tool.
Trust our test packers and accompanying tools for an abandonment process that's both seamless and thorough, safeguarding the longevity of your well infrastructure.